Work with us

Senior Frontend Developer (1)

We are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer, with 3+ years of experience in JavaScript and some hands-on expertise in Reactjs or Vuejs.

Proficiency in ECMAScript, CSS/Less, Nodejs, Bootstrap is highly desirable. Understanding of how web applications work and good knowledge of git are a must.

We build web applications for international clients using open-source technologies. Our preferred web frameworks for the client side are Vuejs and Reactjs/Redux.

For the backend we use Python, PHP, Drupal, Django, Django REST Framework, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Docker, Linux.

We do code reviews and use continuous integration in our projects. We work Agile. No overtime.

See who we are and what we do and, if you want to work with us, send an email to [email protected] and tell us about the most interesting thing you built lately.